SNP MPs in transport driving seat? Alastair Dalton | The Scotsman

COULD Nationalist MPs soon be in the driving seat on UK rail and airport policy, asks Alastair Dalton

Transport rarely gets a look-in during elections – but this time it could become a significant issue should the SNP hold the balance of power.

The party’s influence may play a key role in shaping two of the UK’s biggest transport projects, a new London airport runway and HS2.

So far, the SNP has been largely silent on whether Heathrow or Gatwick should expand.

Arguably, the decision is less important north of the Border than in England because Scottish passengers have alternative hubs to choose from like Amsterdam and Paris, and several in the Middle East which offer one-stop travel as far as New Zealand.

KLM already claims to carry more of Scotland’s long-haul passengers through Schiphol than any other airport.


via Alastair Dalton: SNP MPs in transport driving seat? – The Scotsman.

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