Corbyn & Burnham pledges public control of bus and rail

The two leading contenders to become the new leader of the Labour Party have both pledged to introduce a programme to renationalise the railways and regulate bus services.Frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn, as much as 32% ahead of nearest rival Andy Burnham in latest opinion polls, and a long time opponent of rail privatisation, has placed renationalisation of the railway as a core part of his agenda.

Setting out his policies in a campaign paper for the North of England, Corbyn said “each rail franchise should be taken into public ownership as it comes up for renewal allowing a coordinated approach based upon the public interest”.

Priorities on Corbyn’s website and in his paper make clear that he supports the creation of a “publicly-owned integrated transport system” with local transport services controlled by councils and citizen groups and low fares to enable affordable access to essential amenities.In both rural and urban areas he envisages that there would not necessarily be any role for the private sector in running services.

“The mandatory tendering of transport services to private sector bidders must be abandoned, so our towns, cities and villages can make the right decisions for themselves on how to provide services for the benefit of people, and not to generate profits for private companies,” he said.

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