Computers to replace air traffic controllers

Airports are increasingly using unmanned air traffic control towers – relying on technology rather than humans to do a highly specialised job.
A remote system has just been rolled out in Leesburg Executive Airport in Virginia.
Sweden’s Ornskoldsvik airport has had the same system – which uses cameras and sensors – since April this year.
The technology could revolutionise air traffic services, according to the UK’s National Air Traffic Service (Nats).
The remote system – designed by Swedish defence firm Saab – includes 14 high-definition cameras and sensors that can spot aeroplanes in all weathers.
At Ornskoldsvik, the planes are controlled by a person sitting 90 miles (144km) away at Sunsvall airport. That airport is due to have the same system installed later this year.
A spokesman for Saab told the BBC that the technology could be a huge benefit to air traffic control, reducing costs as small airports could pool controllers.

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