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Transport Debate has no political agenda (we don’t carry cards or wave flags), nor promote one organisation over another.

Transport Debate invites everyone involved in the transport sector to voice their own opinion. It’s your ideas that will help shape the future of transport.

Transport Debate creates a platform for all transport professionals, as well as the organisation you represent.

We believe it’s incredibly important for you to get noticed professionally, whether you are starting your career or reaffirming an established reputation.

Transport Debate is for all transport professionals. Use this website regularly to promote your ideas, yourself and of course the organisation or issue you represent.

You never know what opportunity is around the next corner.




I originally set up Transport Debate in 2009 prior to the 2010 UK General Election to connect and promote transport professionals.

marion-pic-smaller-size-2Having worked in the transport sector for over 18-years, and before moving full time into public relations & lobbying, I quickly realised that far too often my industry colleagues’ great ideas were rarely shared with the right decision-makers whether they be in Government or industry.

At the same time, I was getting inundated by journalists looking for experts, bright ideas and new contacts.

Within a matter of months, Transport Debate had over 1000+ comments and far too many hits on the website to manage for one person. The feedback I received was humbling, many of the transport professionals I promoted on Transport Debate have gone on to become regular industry commentators and I’d like to think Transport Debate helped to propel their career.

I’ll be honest, I was running Transport Debate on a shoestring. This time with regular contributors alongside YOU – the professionals – let’s raise the level of transport debate!

Marion Gourlay

Transport Debate Founder

January 2015


Transport Debate










Katie Allister



Katie is an experienced public affairs and communication specialist who has worked across the transport industry for 16 years delivering policy advice, research, lobbying, communications campaigns, stakeholder and media relations.

Katie has worked closely with senior government advisers on transport; Prof David Begg and TfL’s Sir Peter Hendy. Katie continues to advise key players in the rail and bus sectors as well as government & the EU.



Andrew Boagey

Andrew Boagey

Andrew is a chartered engineer with over 30 years direct experience in European railways. He started his career with British Railways and held a number of safety-critical management positions including responsibility for track on London commuter lines, management of major bridge schemes and electrification projects. Andrew has led international railway engineering and contracting teams on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, the Copenhagen Metro, the Danish Electrification programme and developed Light Rail and High Speed Rail projects throughout the world.

Andrew is an independent consultant for rail sector, he is passionate about safety, engineering and training.  Andrew is active on the management committee of the Railway Civil Engineer’s Association and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineer’s Transport Expert Panel.


Alison van Diggelen

Alison is a seasoned Silialison interviews green jacketcon Valley based journalist, moderator and interviewer. She is a regular contributor to the BBC World Service, and the Huffington Post; and has contributed to Public Radio International’s The World, and NPR’s KQED in San Francisco. Alison’s interview series, Fresh Dialogues, features lively interviews with Elon Musk, Martin Sheen, and Meryl Streep.  Alison lectures at the University of Edinburgh and most recently the She’s Geeky Conference‘ in Silicon Valley. As you can probably guess, strategies of successful entrepreneurs fascinate Alison.





Beth Torvell 


Beth and Marion met on-board HMS Westminster, whilst the warship was moored at South Quay, Canary Wharf in February 2011.  Following her family’s Royal Navy pedigree,  Beth was admirably managing The Navy Campaign and lobbying to secure its long term financial stability. Marion on the other hand, was sourcing a London berth for a similar sized floating asset – Paul Allen’s superyacht Octopus – for a visit to London during the 2012 Olympics.  Beth knows her way around the Palace of Westminster, she has worked with MPs, Government advisors, Councillors, broadsheet and trade journalists, and industry leaders.